Ecosystem Builder

The all-in-one operating system for university entrepreneurship teams.

Workflow & Productivity Tools

A unique suite of connected tools built specifcially to improve efficiency and measure impact across entrepreneurship services. 


Put scheduling on autopilot with calendar syncing, note taking & easy follow ups.

Events & Opportunities

Ecosystem actors and university
staff can easily upload and
promote relevant opportunities.

Application Processing

Seamless application processing with our custom form builder and judging / selection tools .


Connect and record referrals
to support orgs, ecosystem
actors or university services.

Email Campaigns

Send targeted communications
based on profile info (i.e. venture needs, sector, faculty).

Impact Reporting

View real-time engagement and
impact data with customised one click reports.

Pipelines & CRM

Record client info, progress and
venture needs while managing
ecosystem actor relationships.

(Notice) Boards

Curate and share information in
a beautifully visual way with a
few clicks and one sharable link.

External Advisors

Grant access to contracted advisors so their interventions  can be tracked & recorded.

Supercharge engagement and maximise impact.

A suite of workflow tools built by HE entrepreneurship teams, for HE entrepreneurship teams. 

One to ones without the back and forth

No more wasting time comparing availability, setting up meeting invites and crafting detailed, link polluted, attachment heavy follow up emails. Manage appointments and add to client records with our CRM tools.

Impact reporting without the data chasing

Easily and continuously stay up to date with service engagement and impact data. Measure performance against your departmental targets and produce customised reports at a click of a button.

Activity and programme management all-in-one place

Manage competitions, programmes, funds and events with easy to build digital noticeboards, intuitive application processing, automated email communications and commercialisation progress with pipeline reports.

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"We're very excited to be working with several entrepreneurial universities across the UK currently using the Ecosystem Builder platform and looking forward to our official launch in Sept 2022."

- Chris Shannon, Director at Varsity Ventures Ltd

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